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Gorgeous hair and makeup is a MUST to stand out on stage!

After months at the gym, endless dieting, finding the perfect suit and getting that deep, dark tan, the only thing missing is VMP Hair and Regina Miller styling you!

Don’t sell yourself short – invest in YOUR best look for your fitness competition.

I know from experience that the judging doesn’t stop at your abs and glutes; your OVERALL look is VERY important. Some women equate the morning of a fitness show to their wedding day – after months and months of planning here comes the big REVEAL!

WE CAN ADD MAKEUP FOR 100-Choose makeup for add on


The week of show makeup is $165 due to scheduling. Please send email to



**Price includes Hairstyling. Additional fees may apply if extensions need to be added. Once paid, Regina Miller will reach out to you to see which show you are competing in. Information on hotel will be provided.**

Traveling Hairstylist

Book for Upcoming Shows:

01 June - Athens GA AM OCB Show
15 June - Pensacola, FL AM OCB Show
03 August - Atlanta GA AM OCB Show
21 September - Charlotte NC Yorton 
26 October - Augusta GA AM OCB Show
23 November- Columbus GA PRO/AM Show